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I was perhaps unnecessarily gloomy as regards the prospects of a fix to the Rivendale Review’s disappearance from the average of 5.6 computer screens my counter-stats inform me it appears on each day. Almost a week’s worth of email exchanges between me and my ISP had yielded nought and my missives had begun to sound like an increasingly frustrated human being unaware that it was asking questions of a first generation chatbot. The alternative  was clear, but even so it took nearly a week before I decided pick up the damned ‘phone and speak to a real-live person. The problem was  duly tested, escalated and resolved in about twelve hours. The upshot is that not only has my original 10 year vintage URL been restored, but  I also have another. The Rivendale Review can now be found at http://www.mgraeme.ic24.net and at http://www.rivendalereview.co.uk. Normal service, such as it was, has been restored – in stereo.

The moral here is that it’s always better to speak to someone – if you can’t do it face to face, then over the ‘phone. E-mail puts a distance between people – you can’t be bothered speaking properly to people and they can’t be bothered helping you properly either. But speak to someone, politely, calmly, patiently,…. properly,… and things happen.

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