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Harrock Hill - harvest 2009Once you lose your grip on your rational senses, open a chink, so to speak, in your armour of cold, hard reason, there’s no telling where it’s going to end. For some reason I’ve found myself caught up in the Crop Circle thing this summer, but my researches have left me feeling a bit dizzy. It’s far safer to say they’re all fake and have done with it, but as soon as you start poking around the apparent evidence, things are not so clear-cut. So you open the door a crack and in pours the whole gamut of charlatans, psuedoscientists, grand-standers, new agers, geomancers, tricksters, punters, doomsdayers, UFOlogists… you name it, they all find a reason for poking their noses into Crop Circles and they stand around yammering at the tops of their voices so that us ordinary folk haven’t a hope in hell of coming anywhere near the truth of it.

Anyway, I’ve backed away from it now – dipped my toe in just long enough to put up a piece on my website http://www.mgraeme.ic24.net/The Rivendale Review Pages/crop circles.html and now I’m hiding from all the other stuff I’ve touched on in the process. I think there’s a genuine mystery here, but the evidence is hard to pin down, since by far the majority of circles are fakes, but it’s been fun, if a little disconcerting, exploring the dark depths of otherwise sane people’s belief systems.

In the process of it all I ran into that old chestnut, dowsing – part of the geomancers toolkit – and I’m tempted now to have another look at it, though my previous forays weren’t exactly¬† productive, in that I was unable to connect with it in suffcient depth in order to write anything sensible about it. It connects with my own interest in the body’s so called subtle energy system, but so far there’s nothing I can hang my hat on, so I’ll just keep surfing for while longer until I fetch up against an interesting angle.

Meanwhile the year passes, the harvest has been gathered in, and we busy ourselves with the day to day. The evenings are drawing down and the garden centres are getting out their Christmas knick nacks. The thought of going through all of that again leaves me feeling slightly nauseous, but what can one do?

Michael Graeme


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