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Hmn,… ¬†inexplicably locked out of Google docs. They’re telling me I lied about my age and now want my credit card number to verify I’m over 13. I don’t recall doing that. All I was doing was trying to log in. Email, password,… locked out! ¬†I suppose that’s the downside of working in “the cloud”; you’re always at the mercy of the Keeper of the Keys. If the Key Keeper nods off for a bit, or decides to charge you to get your documents back,… well,…

Fortunately I’ve only got junk on there, so I’ll not be bothering too much about it. They’re threatening to delete my whole account,… well okay, go on then. See if I care. I used to find it was a good way of ironing out formatting glitches before cut-and-pasting from my word processor into WordPress, but I can live without it. I was overcautious with Google Docs and didn’t get into it in a big way, but I wonder if anyone else has been struggling? The potential for ruination here is huge!


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