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It’s an odd thing, the way your computer becomes a metaphor of your life. You accumulate a load of dross as you go along, and you take it for granted that you somehow need it. Then a crisis comes along and you fear losing it, but actually there’s only a small amount of stuff that’s of any real value and it’s no great loss at all to simply dump it. Of the sixty gigabytes of stuff I had on my laptop, it seems fifty of it was crap, and I’ve no idea where it came from. Yes, the laptop, a three-year old Dell Inspiron, is out of intensive care and in a stable condition now. I had to reset it using the restore partition, twice. The first time I was in a hurry and didn’t pay much attention to the software I was putting back on, and it starting going all flakey on me again, so it looked like a software incompatibility problem rather than a hard drive failure. Computers are so smart these days, it knows what it wants, goes online itself and updates all the things it thinks it needs, but now and then software A and software B start fighting for the same bit of memory and you’re suddenly plunged into blue screen hell. Basically, it was the end of the world. After a second reset though, I took more care, didn’t load any software back on – just let the bare machine run for a few days and it was fine – no hard-drive problems at all. This was what I’d hoped. The laptop’s only three years old and hard-drives are usually very reliable. I’ve had one running on another machine every day, without so much as a bad sector for fifteen years. So,… touch wood, I can rebuild him. Slowly.

The first things I put back on the machine were those two stalwarts of free internet security: AVG and Zone Alarm, and they’ve been running okay for a few days now, so I’m confident there’s no problem there. The only other thing I can remember installing after that first unsuccessful reset was the Firefox browser, so I’m staying clear of it for a bit, which is a pity because I liked it, but it’s only a browser for pity’s sake so I’m sticking Internet Explorer for now, and the machine’s still rock solid – solid enough to type this without a glitch anyway. It’s also booting up from power on to browser button inside of a minute, instead of ten like it was before. I’m not sure if this is a general problem due to a recent upgrade of Firefox or some add-on that Firefox uses, or if it’s a problem with the later updates to Windows that I’ve not caught up with yet that doesn’t like Firefox. And it may be none of these things but something weird that only affects my particular build of Dell – I mean the internet forums aren’t exactly buzzing with BSOD ire at the moment – but if you are battling with BSOD hell, before you write off your machine, suck off the bits of data that you absolutely cannot do without – the photographs, the notes, the documents, whatever,… and then do a system reset.

You’ll both feel a lot better for it.

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Bsodding Hell!!!

The poor old lappy continues to be plagued by the Blue Screen of Death. I’ve had to implement the ultimate solution and resorted to the Dell System Restore Partition. This equates to a kind of time-zero time-warp, complete with all those useless flipping programs you began with and took months to finally zap. So,… I’m typing this on the backup computer – what used to be the main computer, an HP something or other that used to be as hard as nails having survived four user accounts, three years of homework and school network viruses – and which incidentally has given me two BSODs in the past hour. The time warped lappy is also bsodding as I painstakingly remove all those useles trial programs, which isn’t very encouraging, and altogether it looks like I’ve not got a reliable platform at the moment.

This is all very strange!!!!

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